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Our Vision

At The Wisdom Tree Academy we believe that the future of humanity is strongly determined by the way we use technology. With our experiential online courses, we transform today’s coaches and leaders into powerful visual and online facilitators. We envision the future of cyber leadership as one where technology is deeply humanised and connects us with each other on a much deeper level than what we experience today.

What you get as a course participant

All courses take place on Adobe Connect, a virtual platform perfectly fit for experiential learning. Our master facilitators and moderators take you on a journey of deep transformation – all while being in a virtual classroom with coaches and leaders from all over the world. By being immersed in this powerful experience, you learn how to deeply connect with others in an online setting. You also develop your very own cyber leadership skills with authenticity and impact.

Our Founding Team

Rafael Boker
Rafael BokerCoaching Mastery & Experiential Facilitator
Rafael is our visionary and the one to bring augmented coaching reality and visual experience into the real world. He facilitates powerful training experiences in English.
Meet Rafael
Judith Cohen
Judith CohenCoaching Mastery & Experiential Facilitator
Infusing the Academy with her wisdom, Judith and her 33 years of experience in coaching & leadership are the root of this organisation.
Meet Judith
Marta Vizcaino
Marta VizcainoExperiential Facilitator
Marta is our head Spanish course facilitator. She is making The Wisdom Tree Academy feel alive with her vibrant energy and radiant smile.
Meet Marta

Our Experiential Facilitators

Riva Alkalay
Riva AlkalayBiometric Mapping
Riva is the founder and director of The Riva Alkalay Institute with a focus on biometric diagnostics and mapping. She is the expert facilitator of our experiential online course “Intro to Biometric Personality Mapping”.
Craig Howe
Craig HoweDecoding The Coaching Genome
Craig is motivating and empowering people to be fully present and achieve harmony. He is one of the experiential facilitators for our ICF accredited coaching mastery course “Decoding The Coaching Genome”.

Judith Cohen is as masterful as masterful gets when it comes to coaching. Her life experience coupled with her highest commitment to her clients is what makes her so special. She’s a legend!


Not only is Rafael a charming person, he is also a truly professional coach, original and has a strong and honest commitment to everyone he works with.


Ramona is an outstanding coach and facilitator. She easily keeps a group together while allowing each person their turn to contribute.


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