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Ramona Fellermeier 2017-09-05T20:58:13+00:00



Community facilitator

Ramona co-facilitates our online courses and manages the Wisdom Tree Academy community. She started coaching in 2014 and completed her certification with CTI in 2016. Being a catalyst and change-maker at heart, she specialises in Millennial Personal Leadership Coaching.

Being a strong supporter for the creation of conscious global communities, Ramona founded a collaborative space called Millennial Community. It is an online and offline community for purpose-driven Millennials to connect, grow into engaged & responsible leaders and collaborate on projects that matter.

Ramona provides services in
  • Coaching For Millennials
  • Mentoring For Millennials
  • Group coaching
  • Tailored Workshop Facilitation

Personal Leadership Coaching, Community Facilitation


Groups, Adobe Connect, Skype, Zoom, Face To Face

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