About Craig G Howe

From student to experiential facilitator: After successfully completing our coaching mastery course Decoding The Coaching Genome, Craig decided to join our team as a course facilitator. Craig’s mission is to motivate and empower people to be fully present and achieve harmony. He inspires leaders to wholeness, coaches his clients to greater self awareness and acceptance, and supports them to reintegrate the minimised, disguised or hidden aspects of themselves. Integrating diversity truly is his superpower and he makes each group and client he works with shine by bringing his gifts to the world.

How to CHOOSE the right training program for you

Written by our experiential facilitator and certified coach Craig G Howe, this article aims to help you find the right training and continuing education program — whether that is in coaching or any other area of your life. As a child, education dominates your life. From around 4 to at least 18, there feels like there is little time [...]

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