How to CHOOSE the right training program for you

Written by our experiential facilitator and certified coach Craig G Howe, this article aims to help you find the right training and continuing education program — whether that is in coaching or any other area of your life. As a child, education dominates your life. From around 4 to at least 18, there feels like there is little time [...]

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Managing Progress and Accountability

The final Core Coaching Competency our Decoding the Coaching Genome Course, which is accredited 21 CCEU by the ICF, is how to manage progress and accountability with your client. If you're ready to develop your coaching skills further, find out more about our courses and experiential learning here.  Managing Progress and Accountability is the final [...]

Planning and Goal Setting: How to Move From Vision to Reality

Planning and Goal Setting is the 10th Core Coaching Competency explored in our Decoding the Coaching Genome course. The course is accredited with 21 CCEU by the ICF, find out more and sign up here. When moving from vision to reality the first thing that both client and coach notice is the gap between the [...]

Designing Actions & Changing Lives

Designing Actions for clients can create tangible changes in their lives. In this article we explore the ninth Core Coaching Competency based on our Decoding the Coaching Genome Course, worth 21 CCEU credits from the ICF. Find out more and enrol here.  Coaching is a holistic exercise in that it involves both the left and right [...]

How to Create Client Awareness

The Eighth Core Coaching Competency covered by our Decoding the Coaching Genome course, worth 21 CCEU accredited by the ICF, is creating Client Awareness. In this post we define Client Awareness and outline why and how you can create it in your own coaching relationships. Awareness is absolutely essential to any change process. Without being [...]

Direct Communication: What is Your Real Intent?

In this post we'll explore the seventh Core Coaching Competency: Direct Communication. To take a deeper look into how your communications display your intent with clients, and gain 21 CCEU accredited by the ICF, enrol on our Decoding the Coaching Genome course now.   What was the last sentence you said today? To whom did you say [...]

Courage When Asking Powerful Questions

As part of our Decoding the Coaching Genome course, we take a look at the role of Powerful Questions in coaching. The course looks at the 11 Core Competencies of coaching and is accredited with 21 CCEU by the ICF. Find out more here. How many questions have you asked your clients that literally took their [...]

Coaching Your Client, Not Their Story

In the fifth module of our Decoding the Coaching Genome Course we explore the role of stories in coaching and identify ways for you to reach beyond the story and coach your clients on a deeper level. The course is accredited with 21 CCEU by the ICF too, find out more here. Our minds find [...]

Coaching as an Active Witness to your Client

An in-depth look into the role of coaches as witnesses to their clients and how to be present clients' needs. This is the fourth Core Coaching Competency covered by our experiential online course 'Decoding The Coaching Genome', which is accredited with 21 CCEU by the ICF. Find out more about here. All humans have a need to [...]

How To Establish Trust and Intimacy as a Coach

In this in-depth look at the third Core Coaching Competency: Establishing Trust and Intimacy, we touch on the importance of walking your talk and being the best coach for your clients. If this resonates with you check out our experiential online course Decoding The Coaching Genome, accredited with 21 CCEU by the ICF, here. The ability to create [...]

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