Setting The Foundation: Establishing The Coaching Agreement

Our Decoding The Coaching Genome course accelerates your coaching skills with an in-depth look at the Core Competencies of coaching and is accredited with 21 CCEU by the ICF. In this post we explore the second Core Coaching Competency: Co-creating the Relationship and establishing the Coaching Agreement so that you and your client are set for success. [...]

The ONE thing your coaching needs to be…

As part of our Decoding the Coaching Genome Course, worth 21 CCEU accredited by the ICF upon completion, we deep-dive into the Core Coaching Competencies that aid you on your path to Coaching Mastery. In this article, we explore the roles of ethics and professionalism for coaches to help support and protect you and your [...]

Coaching: Is It A Real Profession?

That someone is asking this question indicates that there is a doubt about coaching being a true profession. Nobody asks whether medicine is a “real” profession. They might question whether a doctor was a qualified MD but people in 2017 take it as a given that medicine is a profession. Before we explore this [...]

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