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Join expert teacher Riva Alkalay and practitioner Rafael Boker, CPCC, PCC in this powerful nine week experiential online course that introduces the foundations of Biometric Personality Mapping.

Intro to Biometric Personality Mapping is a prerequisite for all advanced courses in our Biometric Personality Mapping Program.

In this introductory course you will learn the basics of understanding how psychological development is distinctly mapped on our bodies. Each week you will deepen your understanding of the mind body connection and learn ways to better understand people’s psychological and behavioral patterns.

Do you struggle to understand what is going on beneath the scenes of people’s lives?
Do you wonder why your clients keep repeating unhelpful patterns?
Do you wish you had a psychological road map to understand people’s strengths and weaknesses?

Introduction to Biometric Personality Mapping provides the answers that you are seeking.

Program Fee: £495.00

Why register forIntroduction to Biometric Personality Mapping?

  • Be guided by expert facilitators in 9 weekly live classes
  • Understand the theory behind the psychological development of humans based on their biometric data.
  • Experience a completely new way to learn and practice your knowledge via our online training platform Adobe Connect.
  • Explore augmented reality in the field of biometric science.
  • Create lasting connections within an international community of students.

Our team is drawn from noted practitioners of the biometric mapping method with a combined coaching experience of over 30 years – a passionate team going above and beyond to help you take your skills to the next level.

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